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Fluid Tech Custom Manifold Design

Giving you the most efficient manifold deisgn to give the greatest productivity.

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Why use Fluid Tech Custom Hydraulic Manifolds?

40% Reduction in
installation time
6-8 week
turnaround time

Reduced Install Time

Standard manifolds typically take longer to install because the installer is trying to make a sub-optimal component work for a system it was not designed for. But because Fluid Tech manifold blocks are designed exactly for your application, it takes an average of 40% less time to install. As an OEM, this time savings compounds as you build more and more machines.

Increased resolution of movement and machine efficiency

Fluid Tech’s custom manifolds increase the efficiency of your machines on average 8-11%. By optimizing flow paths with fewer, appropriately sized components, your machine experiences less unnecessary pressure-drop. 

We Design a Manifold for YOU

Start with the valves

Standard, off-the-shelf manifolds often aren’t compatible with the best valves for your operation, causing you to compromise with a sub-optimal product. When we design your hydraulic integrated circuit (HIC) manifolds for your application, we always start with the valves. Our experience in the fluid power industry allows us to pick the best possible hydraulic valves for your application. Our hydraulic valve block design process produces a manifold that matches the specifications of those valves. This means you don’t have to compromise your valve choice.

We protect your design

The manifold we design for you is YOURS, and we protect that intellectual property. Our in-house manifold manufacturing limits the number of people handling your unique design, ensuring that your manifold won’t show up on a competitor’s machine because of a third-party manufacturer mishandling your schematics.

Quick and easy design revisions

We use advanced CAD 3D hydraulic manifold design software to reduce time from drawing board to prototype, to manufacturing. The hydraulic schematics can be quickly fine-tuned if changes become necessary. Fluid Tech CAD files are available, upon request, with all orders.

Rapid prototyping available

Once a design has been finalized, Fluid Tech will manufacture a prototype manifold for testing. The normal lead time for a prototype is around 6-8 weeks from the start of the project, but rapid prototyping is available upon request. Once the prototype is approved and ready for final production, our manufacturing process beings.

Past Success:

We incorporated the functions of an oversized, sub-plated mounted, D03 manifold and line-mounted function blocks into a single HIC (hydraulic integrated circuit) hydraulic manifold.  This required 2/3 fewer hose, tube and fitting connections saving $175.00 of purchased components and seven hours of installation saving $266.00 in labor cost.  The result is an 18% reduced cycle time with higher resolution control of motion improving the operator experience with a more reliable and maintenance free hydraulic system.


Seperate valves meant a longer install process.


A custom manifold put all valves into one block.

Solid Solutions in a Fluid Environment

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