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Fluid Power Integrated Solutions

We’re on your team – from specification to integration.

Your applications require a technical and reliable solution that delivers value to your customer or your application.  When approaching integrated systems, there can be multiple solutions across a variety of technologies with varying costs associated with each technology.  We approach each inquiry with a team of qualified and experienced staff who have a solid background of knowledge and experience including application engineers, fluid power specialist’s, electrical specialists, programmers, and degreed fluid power engineers.  Our staff is well-versed in the design, manufacturing, programming, and assembly of hydraulic integrated circuit blocks matched to electronic control systems to deliver reliable solutions comprised on highly engineered components across a wide array of industries and technologies.  As the world’s largest fluid power distributor, we have a wide array of available products in various technologies to be able to select the best and most appropriate products and technologies to properly design and engineer the ideal solution with the greatest value to accomplish your application goals.

We’re backed by the biggest network in the industry.

As an Applied Fluid Power company, FluidTech is backed by a world-class network of fluid power companies with global reach. We’re able to bring you the hands-on help and guidance you’d expect from a smaller shop, but we also bring you access to the resources of a much bigger company. Not only does that give you access to a massive inventory of in-stock, brand-name and legacy components, you have access to the nation’s largest hydraulics engineering team. When you partner with FluidTech, you can expect remarkable flexibility, fast response and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs – from individual components to complex systems integrations.

We want to be your only fluid power integrated solutions choice.

Count on FluidTech for engineered integrated solutions that deliver full machine control – integrating hydraulics and motion control through a central controller. We bring you the resources to design a dynamic solution that integrates your machines’ electronics and hydraulics – with a simple user interface – to provide the power management your machinery requires. And our expert team of engineers is here to work with you – throughout the entire design, installation and implementation process.

FluidTech collaborates with customers for integrated solutions that include the following:

  • Automation – more complex processes in industrial manufacturing demand more requirements on automation technology in terms of performance, functionality and efficiency.
  • Electronic Control Integration – electronic platforms enable improved control and optimizations for energy and maintenance.
  • Filtration – customized fluid containment and management solutions include advanced software technology, premium-quality valve specification – integrated with your system in order to provide greater efficiencies.
  • Hydraulic Integration – specifying innovative and application-specific valve solutions can vastly reduce component costs and development time.
  • Power Units – versatile, custom-designed, and adaptable solutions for reliable, safe, and efficient power.


Fluid power integrated solutions for:

  • Electronic Control Integration
  • Power Units
  • Automation
  • Filtration
  • Power Generation

Integrated fluid power solutions for a vast range of industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Aircraft/Defense/Military
  • Construction
  • Food & Beverage
  • Mining
  • Metalworking & Machine Tools
  • Primary Metals

Integrated fluid power solutions for a wide array of applications:

  • Conveyors Drive Systems
  • Electric Hydraulic Units
  • Electronic Control Integration
  • Filtration
  • Linear Force Controls
  • Power Generation
  • Power Units
  • Rotary Torque Controls


Solid Solutions in a Fluid Environment

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